Duch Pops products are lovingly hand-crafted on island, made from 100% real fruit and natural sugars only. All of our products are uniquely inspired by Bermuda’s rich culture and vibrant landscape. From our Reggae Gombey to the Whistling Frog, each pop has a fun name and flavor reminiscent of the Bermudian experience. There’s a flavor for every moment so try them all and find your favorites! These island flavas are here to celebrate life with you.

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We’ve helped some of Bermuda’s top event planners and businesses add some flair to their events and we continue to help them delight their guests. We can craft branded or themed POPtails of various color, shape and flavor, create refreshing Pops for your guests or suggest delicious champagne and Pop pairings for something tastefully elegant. The options are endless so please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.


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